SequenceMarshal Class


Provides a collection of methods for interoperating with ReadOnlySequence<T>.

public ref class SequenceMarshal abstract sealed
public static class SequenceMarshal
type SequenceMarshal = class
Public Class SequenceMarshal


TryGetArray<T>(ReadOnlySequence<T>, ArraySegment<T>)

Gets an array segment from the underlying read-only sequence.

TryGetReadOnlyMemory<T>(ReadOnlySequence<T>, ReadOnlyMemory<T>)

Attempts to retrieve a read-only memory from the specified read-only sequence.

TryGetReadOnlySequenceSegment<T>(ReadOnlySequence<T>, ReadOnlySequenceSegment<T>, Int32, ReadOnlySequenceSegment<T>, Int32)

Attempts to retrieve a read-only sequence segment from the specified read-only sequence.

TryRead<T>(SequenceReader<Byte>, T)

Attempts to read the specified type out of the buffer. It's dangerous to use this method with arbitrary structs - see remarks for more information.

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