UCOMIPersistFile UCOMIPersistFile UCOMIPersistFile UCOMIPersistFile Interface



This API is now obsolete.

Use IPersistFile instead.

public interface class UCOMIPersistFile
[System.Obsolete("Use System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComTypes.IPersistFile instead. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=14202", false)]
public interface UCOMIPersistFile
type UCOMIPersistFile = interface
Public Interface UCOMIPersistFile


For more information, please see the existing documentation for IPersistFile and IPersist in the com subfolder of the MSDN library.


GetClassID(Guid) GetClassID(Guid) GetClassID(Guid) GetClassID(Guid)

Retrieves the class identifier (CLSID) of an object.

GetCurFile(String) GetCurFile(String) GetCurFile(String) GetCurFile(String)

Retrieves either the absolute path to current working file of the object, or if there is no current working file, the default filename prompt of the object.

IsDirty() IsDirty() IsDirty() IsDirty()

Checks an object for changes since it was last saved to its current file.

Load(String, Int32) Load(String, Int32) Load(String, Int32) Load(String, Int32)

Opens the specified file and initializes an object from the file contents.

Save(String, Boolean) Save(String, Boolean) Save(String, Boolean) Save(String, Boolean)

Saves a copy of the object into the specified file.

SaveCompleted(String) SaveCompleted(String) SaveCompleted(String) SaveCompleted(String)

Notifies the object that it can write to its file.

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