IContextProperty IContextProperty IContextProperty IContextProperty Interface


Gathers naming information from the context property and determines whether the new context is ok for the context property.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public interface class IContextProperty
public interface IContextProperty
type IContextProperty = interface
Public Interface IContextProperty


The IContextProperty interface is exposed by the property contributed to a context by an attribute. By default, it is also implemented by the ContextAttribute base class, from which Context attribute classes can extend.


Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the property under which it will be added to the context.


Freeze(Context) Freeze(Context) Freeze(Context) Freeze(Context)

Called when the context is frozen.

IsNewContextOK(Context) IsNewContextOK(Context) IsNewContextOK(Context) IsNewContextOK(Context)

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the context property is compatible with the new context.

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