ObjRef.EnvoyInfo Property


Gets or sets the IEnvoyInfo for the ObjRef.

 virtual property System::Runtime::Remoting::IEnvoyInfo ^ EnvoyInfo { System::Runtime::Remoting::IEnvoyInfo ^ get(); void set(System::Runtime::Remoting::IEnvoyInfo ^ value); };
public virtual System.Runtime.Remoting.IEnvoyInfo EnvoyInfo { get; set; }
member this.EnvoyInfo : System.Runtime.Remoting.IEnvoyInfo with get, set
Public Overridable Property EnvoyInfo As IEnvoyInfo

Property Value


The IEnvoyInfo interface for the ObjRef.


The current property contains a serialized chain of message sinks that gets regenerated when a proxy is created to represent the object. This is used for Context bound object types only, and represents the groups of objects that provide such run-time services as transactions.

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