ISoapMessage ISoapMessage ISoapMessage ISoapMessage Interface


Provides an interface for an object that contains the names and types of parameters required during serialization of a SOAP RPC (Remote Procedure Call).

public interface class ISoapMessage
public interface ISoapMessage
type ISoapMessage = interface
Public Interface ISoapMessage


When an object that supports this interface is the root of a serialization graph, SOAP is produced in RPC format. The ISoapMessage interface contains the method call parameter types used during deserialization of a method call.

To support SOAP RPC calls that are based on the ISoapMessage interface and do not use the IRemotingFormatter functionality, set the SoapFormatter.TopObject property to an object that supports this interface.


Headers Headers Headers Headers

Gets or sets the out-of-band data of the method call.

MethodName MethodName MethodName MethodName

Gets or sets the name of the called method.

ParamNames ParamNames ParamNames ParamNames

Gets or sets the parameter names of the method call.

ParamTypes ParamTypes ParamTypes ParamTypes

Gets or sets the parameter types of a method call.

ParamValues ParamValues ParamValues ParamValues

Gets or sets the parameter values of a method call.

XmlNameSpace XmlNameSpace XmlNameSpace XmlNameSpace

Gets or sets the XML namespace of the SOAP RPC (Remote Procedure Call) MethodName element.

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