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DataContractJsonSerializer.DataContractSurrogate Property


Gets a surrogate type that is currently active for a given IDataContractSurrogate instance. Surrogates can extend the serialization or deserialization process.

 property System::Runtime::Serialization::IDataContractSurrogate ^ DataContractSurrogate { System::Runtime::Serialization::IDataContractSurrogate ^ get(); };
public System.Runtime.Serialization.IDataContractSurrogate DataContractSurrogate { get; }
member this.DataContractSurrogate : System.Runtime.Serialization.IDataContractSurrogate
Public ReadOnly Property DataContractSurrogate As IDataContractSurrogate

Property Value

An implementation of the IDataContractSurrogate class.


The IDataContractSurrogate can be used to customize how instances of a type are serialized and deserialized. For example, it can be used to enable serialization of legacy types that are not serializable, that is, types to which the DataContractAttribute attribute has not been applied.

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