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IXmlJsonWriterInitializer Interface


Specifies the interface for initializing a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) writer when reusing them to write to a particular output stream.

public interface class IXmlJsonWriterInitializer
public interface IXmlJsonWriterInitializer
type IXmlJsonWriterInitializer = interface
Public Interface IXmlJsonWriterInitializer


The XmlDictionaryWriter objects created by the CreateJsonWriter methods implement this interface and when created are immediately ready to write JSON-encoded data. But if a user wants to reuse the same XmlDictionaryWriter object to write a new JSON document to another output stream, then the writer must be initialized to the appropriate stream by using the SetOutput(Stream, Encoding, Boolean) method.


SetOutput(Stream, Encoding, Boolean)

Initializes (or reinitializes) a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) writer to a specified output stream with specified character encoding.

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