SemaphoreSecurity.RemoveAuditRuleSpecific(SemaphoreAuditRule) Method


Searches for an audit rule that exactly matches the specified rule and, if found, removes it.

 void RemoveAuditRuleSpecific(System::Security::AccessControl::SemaphoreAuditRule ^ rule);
public void RemoveAuditRuleSpecific (System.Security.AccessControl.SemaphoreAuditRule rule);
override this.RemoveAuditRuleSpecific : System.Security.AccessControl.SemaphoreAuditRule -> unit
Public Sub RemoveAuditRuleSpecific (rule As SemaphoreAuditRule)



rule is null.


The rule is removed only if it exactly matches rule in all details, including flags. Other audit rules for the same user are not affected.


A rule represents one or more underlying access control entries (ACE), and these entries are split or combined as necessary when you modify the audit security rules for a user. Thus, a rule might no longer exist in the specific form it had when it was added, and in that case the RemoveAuditRuleSpecific method cannot remove it.

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