Claim.OriginalIssuer Property


Gets the original issuer of the claim.

 property System::String ^ OriginalIssuer { System::String ^ get(); };
public string OriginalIssuer { get; }
member this.OriginalIssuer : string
Public ReadOnly Property OriginalIssuer As String

Property Value


A name that refers to the original issuer of the claim.


Contains the name of the entity that originally issued the claim. This property is designed to facilitate scenarios where a claim may pass through multiple issuers before it is presented by the client to the RP application; such as federation scenarios.

The value of the OriginalIssuer property is a name that is taken from a list of well-known issuers maintained by the issuer name registry. The issuer name registry is an instance of a class that derives from the IssuerNameRegistry class. The issuer name registry associates a mnemonic name (the issuer name) with the cryptographic material that is needed to verify signatures of tokens produced by the issuer; for example, an X.509 certificate.

Except for delegation and federation scenarios, the Issuer property and the OriginalIssuer property will usually have the same value. If the value of the OriginalIssuer property differs from the value of the Issuer property, the claim was first issued by the original issuer and was subsequently re-issued by the issuer.

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