CspProviderFlags CspProviderFlags CspProviderFlags CspProviderFlags Enum


Specifies flags that modify the behavior of the cryptographic service providers (CSP).

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class CspProviderFlags
public enum CspProviderFlags
type CspProviderFlags = 
Public Enum CspProviderFlags


CreateEphemeralKey CreateEphemeralKey CreateEphemeralKey CreateEphemeralKey 128

Create a temporary key that is released when the associated Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) object is closed. Do not use this flag if you want your key to be independent of the RSA object.

NoFlags NoFlags NoFlags NoFlags 0

Do not specify any settings.

NoPrompt NoPrompt NoPrompt NoPrompt 64

Prevent the CSP from displaying any user interface (UI) for this context.

UseArchivableKey UseArchivableKey UseArchivableKey UseArchivableKey 16

Allow a key to be exported for archival or recovery.

UseDefaultKeyContainer UseDefaultKeyContainer UseDefaultKeyContainer UseDefaultKeyContainer 2

Use key information from the default key container.

UseExistingKey UseExistingKey UseExistingKey UseExistingKey 8

Use key information from the current key.

UseMachineKeyStore UseMachineKeyStore UseMachineKeyStore UseMachineKeyStore 1

Use key information from the computer's key store.

UseNonExportableKey UseNonExportableKey UseNonExportableKey UseNonExportableKey 4

Use key information that cannot be exported.

UseUserProtectedKey UseUserProtectedKey UseUserProtectedKey UseUserProtectedKey 32

Notify the user through a dialog box or another method when certain actions are attempting to use a key. This flag is not compatible with the NoPrompt flag.

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