ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm Interface


Defines methods that allow an AsymmetricAlgorithm class to enumerate key container information, and import and export Microsoft Cryptographic API (CAPI)-compatible key blobs.

public interface class ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm
public interface ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm
type ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm = interface
Public Interface ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm


Classes that extend the AsymmetricAlgorithm class should implement the ICspAsymmetricAlgorithm interface to enumerate key container information using a CspKeyContainerInfo object, and to import and export Microsoft Cryptographic API (CAPI)-compatible key blobs.


CspKeyContainerInfo CspKeyContainerInfo CspKeyContainerInfo CspKeyContainerInfo

Gets a CspKeyContainerInfo object that describes additional information about a cryptographic key pair.


ExportCspBlob(Boolean) ExportCspBlob(Boolean) ExportCspBlob(Boolean) ExportCspBlob(Boolean)

Exports a blob that contains the key information associated with an AsymmetricAlgorithm object.

ImportCspBlob(Byte[]) ImportCspBlob(Byte[]) ImportCspBlob(Byte[]) ImportCspBlob(Byte[])

Imports a blob that represents asymmetric key information.

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