Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode Enum


Represents the kind of encryption associated with a PKCS#12 SafeContents value.

public enum class Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode
public enum Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode
type Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode = 
Public Enum Pkcs12ConfidentialityMode


None None None None 1

The SafeContents value is not encrypted.

Password Password Password Password 2

The SafeContents value is encrypted with a password.

PublicKey PublicKey PublicKey PublicKey 3

The SafeContents value is encrypted using public key cryptography.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The kind of encryption applied to the SafeContents is unknown or could not be determined.

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