TimestampInformation TimestampInformation TimestampInformation TimestampInformation Class


Provides details about the time stamp that was applied to an Authenticode signature for a manifest.

public ref class TimestampInformation sealed
public sealed class TimestampInformation
type TimestampInformation = class
Public NotInheritable Class TimestampInformation


HashAlgorithm HashAlgorithm HashAlgorithm HashAlgorithm

Gets the hash algorithm used to compute the time stamp signature.

HResult HResult HResult HResult

Gets the HRESULT value that results from verifying the signature.

IsValid IsValid IsValid IsValid

Gets a value indicating whether the time stamp of the signature is valid.

SignatureChain SignatureChain SignatureChain SignatureChain

Gets the chain of certificates used to verify the time stamp of the signature.

SigningCertificate SigningCertificate SigningCertificate SigningCertificate

Gets the certificate that signed the time stamp.

Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp

Gets the time stamp that was applied to the signature.

VerificationResult VerificationResult VerificationResult VerificationResult

Gets the result of verifying the time stamp signature.


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