X509ChainElementCollection.IsSynchronized Property


Gets a value indicating whether the collection of chain elements is synchronized.

 property bool IsSynchronized { bool get(); };
public bool IsSynchronized { get; }
member this.IsSynchronized : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsSynchronized As Boolean

Property Value

Always returns false.



The following code example opens the current user's personal certificate store, allows the user to select a certificate, and then writes certificate and certificate chain information to the console. The output depends on the certificate you select.

//Output chain element information.
Console::WriteLine( "Chain Element Information" );
Console::WriteLine( "Number of chain elements: {0}", ch->ChainElements->Count );
Console::WriteLine( "Chain elements synchronized? {0} {1}", ch->ChainElements->IsSynchronized, Environment::NewLine );
System::Collections::IEnumerator^ myEnum = ch->ChainElements->GetEnumerator();
while ( myEnum->MoveNext() )
   X509ChainElement ^ element = safe_cast<X509ChainElement ^>(myEnum->Current);
   Console::WriteLine( "Element issuer name: {0}", element->Certificate->Issuer );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element certificate valid until: {0}", element->Certificate->NotAfter );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element certificate is valid: {0}", element->Certificate->Verify() );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element error status length: {0}", element->ChainElementStatus->Length );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element information: {0}", element->Information );
   Console::WriteLine( "Number of element extensions: {0}{1}", element->Certificate->Extensions->Count, Environment::NewLine );
   if ( ch->ChainStatus->Length > 1 )
      for ( int index = 0; index < element->ChainElementStatus->Length; index++ )
         Console::WriteLine( element->ChainElementStatus[ index ].Status );
         Console::WriteLine( element->ChainElementStatus[ index ].StatusInformation );

    //Output chain element information.
    Console.WriteLine ("Chain Element Information");
    Console.WriteLine ("Number of chain elements: {0}", ch.ChainElements.Count);
    Console.WriteLine ("Chain elements synchronized? {0} {1}", ch.ChainElements.IsSynchronized, Environment.NewLine);

    foreach (X509ChainElement element in ch.ChainElements)
        Console.WriteLine ("Element issuer name: {0}", element.Certificate.Issuer);
        Console.WriteLine ("Element certificate valid until: {0}", element.Certificate.NotAfter);
        Console.WriteLine ("Element certificate is valid: {0}", element.Certificate.Verify ());
        Console.WriteLine ("Element error status length: {0}", element.ChainElementStatus.Length);
        Console.WriteLine ("Element information: {0}", element.Information);
        Console.WriteLine ("Number of element extensions: {0}{1}", element.Certificate.Extensions.Count, Environment.NewLine);

        if (ch.ChainStatus.Length > 1)
            for (int index = 0; index < element.ChainElementStatus.Length; index++)
                Console.WriteLine (element.ChainElementStatus[index].Status);
                Console.WriteLine (element.ChainElementStatus[index].StatusInformation);
'Output chain element information.
Console.WriteLine("Chain Element Information")
Console.WriteLine("Number of chain elements: {0}", ch.ChainElements.Count)
Console.WriteLine("Chain elements synchronized? {0} {1}", ch.ChainElements.IsSynchronized, Environment.NewLine)

Dim element As X509ChainElement
For Each element In ch.ChainElements
    Console.WriteLine("Element issuer name: {0}", element.Certificate.Issuer)
    Console.WriteLine("Element certificate valid until: {0}", element.Certificate.NotAfter)
    Console.WriteLine("Element certificate is valid: {0}", element.Certificate.Verify())
    Console.WriteLine("Element error status length: {0}", element.ChainElementStatus.Length)
    Console.WriteLine("Element information: {0}", element.Information)
    Console.WriteLine("Number of element extensions: {0}{1}", element.Certificate.Extensions.Count, Environment.NewLine)

    If ch.ChainStatus.Length > 1 Then
        Dim index As Integer
        For index = 0 To element.ChainElementStatus.Length
        Next index
    End If
Next element


This value is always false because an X509ChainElementCollection object is not thread safe.

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