MediaPermissionVideo MediaPermissionVideo MediaPermissionVideo MediaPermissionVideo Enum


Specifies the permission level for video.

public enum class MediaPermissionVideo
public enum MediaPermissionVideo
type MediaPermissionVideo = 
Public Enum MediaPermissionVideo


AllVideo AllVideo AllVideo AllVideo 3

Permission that allows unrestricted video playback.

NoVideo NoVideo NoVideo NoVideo 0

Permission that denies all video playback.

SafeVideo SafeVideo SafeVideo SafeVideo 2

Permission that allows safe, limited video playback, which includes denying stream access to the image file.

SiteOfOriginVideo SiteOfOriginVideo SiteOfOriginVideo SiteOfOriginVideo 1

Permission that only allows video playback of files that are located at the application's site of origin.


The following code example shows the use of the Video property.

[MediaPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.Demand, Video = MediaPermissionVideo.NoVideo)]
<MediaPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.Demand, Video:=MediaPermissionVideo.NoVideo)>
Public Sub Method10()
End Sub


Use this enumeration to set the Video property of the MediaPermission class. The default is SafeVideo.

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