ApplicationSecurityInfo ApplicationSecurityInfo ApplicationSecurityInfo ApplicationSecurityInfo Class


Holds the security evidence for an application. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class ApplicationSecurityInfo sealed
public sealed class ApplicationSecurityInfo
type ApplicationSecurityInfo = class
Public NotInheritable Class ApplicationSecurityInfo


ApplicationSecurityInfo provides security information about a manifest-activated application using information obtained from the application's manifests and its ActivationContext.


ApplicationSecurityInfo(ActivationContext) ApplicationSecurityInfo(ActivationContext) ApplicationSecurityInfo(ActivationContext) ApplicationSecurityInfo(ActivationContext)

Initializes a new instance of the ApplicationSecurityInfo class using the provided activation context.


ApplicationEvidence ApplicationEvidence ApplicationEvidence ApplicationEvidence

Gets or sets the evidence for the application.

ApplicationId ApplicationId ApplicationId ApplicationId

Gets or sets the application identity information.

DefaultRequestSet DefaultRequestSet DefaultRequestSet DefaultRequestSet

Gets or sets the default permission set.

DeploymentId DeploymentId DeploymentId DeploymentId

Gets or sets the top element in the application, which is described in the deployment identity.


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requires full trust for the immediate caller. This member cannot be used by partially trusted or transparent code.

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