FileCodeGroup.ResolveMatchingCodeGroups(Evidence) Method


Resolves matching code groups.

 override System::Security::Policy::CodeGroup ^ ResolveMatchingCodeGroups(System::Security::Policy::Evidence ^ evidence);
public override System.Security.Policy.CodeGroup ResolveMatchingCodeGroups (System.Security.Policy.Evidence evidence);
override this.ResolveMatchingCodeGroups : System.Security.Policy.Evidence -> System.Security.Policy.CodeGroup



The evidence for the assembly.


A CodeGroup that is the root of the tree of matching code groups.


The evidence parameter is null.


The following code shows the use of the ResolveMatchingCodeGroups method to resolve matching code groups. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the FileCodeGroup class.

Assembly^ assembly = Members::typeid->Assembly;
Evidence^ evidence = assembly->Evidence;
CodeGroup^ codeGroup = fileCodeGroup->ResolveMatchingCodeGroups( evidence );
Assembly assembly = typeof(Members).Assembly;
Evidence evidence = assembly.Evidence;
CodeGroup codeGroup = 
Dim executingAssembly As [Assembly]
executingAssembly = Me.GetType().Assembly

Dim evidence As Evidence = executingAssembly.Evidence

Dim codeGroup As CodeGroup
codeGroup = fileCodeGroup.ResolveMatchingCodeGroups(evidence)


Given evidence for an assembly to be loaded, this method evaluates the code group by first checking the membership condition against the specified evidence. If there is a match, this method returns a root code group. The code group that is returned contains child code groups, which in turn can have child code groups as necessary to reflect the complete set of code groups that were matched by the evidence provided.

FileCodeGroup uses union semantics and forms a permission set based on the Url specified by evidence.

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