IIdentityPermissionFactory Interface


Defines the method that creates a new identity permission.

public interface class IIdentityPermissionFactory
public interface IIdentityPermissionFactory
public interface IIdentityPermissionFactory
type IIdentityPermissionFactory = interface
Public Interface IIdentityPermissionFactory


Some types of evidence have a corresponding identity permission that is granted to assemblies with that evidence. This allows other code to make identity demands, so that only code with a specific piece of evidence will pass. For example, you can demand that your callers have a specific strong name; only callers with that strong name will pass the demand. By implementing IIdentityPermissionFactory for an evidence object, you provide an implementation of CreateIdentityPermission that the .NET Framework security system can call to get an identity permission that represents that piece of evidence. During policy resolution, the security system will call that method on all evidence objects that implement IIdentityPermissionFactory and grant the resulting identity permissions to the appropriate assembly.



Creates a new identity permission for the specified evidence.

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