NetCodeGroup.AbsentOriginScheme Field


Contains a value used to specify connection access for code with an unknown or unrecognized origin scheme.

public: static initonly System::String ^ AbsentOriginScheme;
public static readonly string AbsentOriginScheme;
 staticval mutable AbsentOriginScheme : string
Public Shared ReadOnly AbsentOriginScheme As String 

Field Value


When calling the AddConnectAccess method, you specify a scheme and an associated CodeConnectAccess object. Any CodeConnectAccess objects that you add to the NetCodeGroup using AbsentOriginScheme as the origin scheme are applied when the code's origin scheme is not present in its evidence, or is not a scheme recognized by the NetCodeGroup object.

To specify the CodeConnectAccess objects to use when the code's origin scheme does not match any of the schemes contained in the set of origin schemes added to the current NetCodeGroup object, use the AnyOtherOriginScheme value.

The value of the AbsentOriginScheme field is an empty string ("").

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