WindowsIdentity.AuthenticationType Property


Gets the type of authentication used to identify the user.

 virtual property System::String ^ AuthenticationType { System::String ^ get(); };
public string AuthenticationType { get; }
member this.AuthenticationType : string
Public ReadOnly Property AuthenticationType As String

Property Value

The type of authentication used to identify the user.



Windows returned the Windows NT status code STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

There is insufficient memory available.

The caller does not have the correct permissions.


The computer is not attached to a Windows 2003 or later domain.


The computer is not running Windows 2003 or later.


The user is not a member of the domain the computer is attached to.


This property is informational; it is not used by the security system. On Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating system, the default value for this property is Negotiate, which chooses the best security support provider (SSP) based on customer-configured security policy. The default property value for earlier versions of the Windows operating system is Kerberos.

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