VirtualPathExtension VirtualPathExtension VirtualPathExtension VirtualPathExtension Class


Contains the service's virtual path when the service is hosted in Internet Information Services (IIS) or Windows Process Activation Service (WAS).

public ref class VirtualPathExtension sealed : System::ServiceModel::IExtension<System::ServiceModel::ServiceHostBase ^>
public sealed class VirtualPathExtension : System.ServiceModel.IExtension<System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostBase>
type VirtualPathExtension = class
    interface IExtension<ServiceHostBase>
Public NotInheritable Class VirtualPathExtension
Implements IExtension(Of ServiceHostBase)


The following example shows how to recover the VirtualPathExtension from the service host and return a value that it is hosted in IIS or WAS.

bool isHosted = false;  
ServiceHostBase host = OperationContext.Current.Host;  
VirtualPathExtension vpe = host.Extentions.Find<VirtualPathExtension>();  
if( vpe != null )  
Console.WriteLine("The virtualPath of the hosted Service is  {0}", vpe.VirtualPath);  


This extension is present only for services hosted in IIS or WAS. Services can determine whether they are hosted in IIS or WAS by retrieving this extension from their ServiceHostBase, as shown in the following example.


ApplicationVirtualPath ApplicationVirtualPath ApplicationVirtualPath ApplicationVirtualPath

Gets the virtual path of the IIS or WAS application that hosts the WCF service.

SiteName SiteName SiteName SiteName

Gets the site name of the IIS or WAS application that hosts the WCF service.

VirtualPath VirtualPath VirtualPath VirtualPath

Gets the virtual path used by a service.


Attach(ServiceHostBase) Attach(ServiceHostBase) Attach(ServiceHostBase) Attach(ServiceHostBase)

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Detach(ServiceHostBase) Detach(ServiceHostBase) Detach(ServiceHostBase) Detach(ServiceHostBase)

This method is provided to support the WCF infrastructure.

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