SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior Class


A service behavior that allows you to configure the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore feature, which supports persisting state information for workflow service instances into an SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 database.

public ref class SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior : System::ServiceModel::Description::IServiceBehavior
public class SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior : System.ServiceModel.Description.IServiceBehavior
type SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior = class
    interface IServiceBehavior
Public Class SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior
Implements IServiceBehavior



Initializes an instance of the SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior class.


Initializes an instance of the SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior class using the connection string passed as a parameter.



Gets the connection string used to connect to persistence database.


Gets or sets the HostLockRenewalPeriod. This property specifies the interval within which a host must renew its lock on an instance before the lock expires. If the host does not renew the lock in the specified time period, the instance is unlocked and another host can obtain the lock on the instance.


Gets or sets the InstanceCompletionAction property. This property specifies whether the instance state information is kept in the persistence database after the instance is completed.


Gets or sets the InstanceEncodingOption property. This property specifies whether the instance state information is compressed using the GZip algorithm before the information is saved in the persistence store.


Gets or sets the InstanceLockedExceptionAction property. This property specifies what action a service host should take when it receives an InstanceLockedException when the host tries to lock an instance because the instance is currently locked by another host.


Gets or sets the maximum number of SQL connection retries. The default value is 4.


Gets or sets the RunnableInstancesDetectionPeriod property. Specifies the time period after which the SQL Workflow Instance Store runs a detection task to detect any runnable or activatable workflow instances in the persistence database after the previous detection cycle.


AddBindingParameters(ServiceDescription, ServiceHostBase, Collection<ServiceEndpoint>, BindingParameterCollection)

An implementation of the AddBindingParameters method of the IServiceBehavior interface, which allows you to pass custom data to binding elements to support contract implementation.

ApplyDispatchBehavior(ServiceDescription, ServiceHostBase)

An implementation of the ApplyDispatchBehavior method of the IServiceBehavior interface that allows you to change run-time property values or insert custom extension objects such as error handlers, message or parameter inspectors, security extensions, and other custom extension objects.


Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

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Serves as the default hash function.

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Gets the Type of the current instance.

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Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.

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Promote(String, IEnumerable<XName>, IEnumerable<XName>)

Promotes properties that can be used in queries. The promoted properties are the properties that you can use in queries to retrieve instances. These property can be of simple type (int32, string, bool and so on), which is represented by a variant or binary.


Returns a string that represents the current object.

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Validate(ServiceDescription, ServiceHostBase)

Inspects the service host and the service description to confirm that the service can run successfully.

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