QueryCorrelationInitializer QueryCorrelationInitializer QueryCorrelationInitializer QueryCorrelationInitializer Class


Initializes the associated CorrelationHandle based on the results of the MessageQuerySet when the message is sent or received.

public ref class QueryCorrelationInitializer sealed : System::ServiceModel::Activities::CorrelationInitializer
public sealed class QueryCorrelationInitializer : System.ServiceModel.Activities.CorrelationInitializer
type QueryCorrelationInitializer = class
    inherit CorrelationInitializer
Public NotInheritable Class QueryCorrelationInitializer
Inherits CorrelationInitializer


The following example shows how to use the QueryCorrelationInitializer class to set the correlation initialize for a SendReply activity.

new SendReply
    DisplayName = "Send Adjusted Cost",
    Request = prescriptionRequest,
    // Initialize the orderHandle using the MessageQuerySet to correlate with the final GetAdjustedCost request
    CorrelationInitializers = 
        new QueryCorrelationInitializer
            CorrelationHandle = orderHandle,
            MessageQuerySet = GetOrderQuerySet
    Content = SendContent.Create(new InArgument<Order>((e) => order.Get(e)))


QueryCorrelationInitializer() QueryCorrelationInitializer() QueryCorrelationInitializer() QueryCorrelationInitializer()

Initializes a new instance of the QueryCorrelationInitializer class.


CorrelationHandle CorrelationHandle CorrelationHandle CorrelationHandle

Gets or sets the CorrelationHandle argument for the correlation initializer.

(Inherited from CorrelationInitializer)
MessageQuerySet MessageQuerySet MessageQuerySet MessageQuerySet

Gets or sets the MessageQuerySet that is used to perform the CorrelationKey calculation.


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