Receive.KnownTypes Receive.KnownTypes Receive.KnownTypes Receive.KnownTypes Property


Gets a collection of known types for the operation.

 property System::Collections::ObjectModel::Collection<Type ^> ^ KnownTypes { System::Collections::ObjectModel::Collection<Type ^> ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<Type> KnownTypes { get; }
member this.KnownTypes : System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<Type>
Public ReadOnly Property KnownTypes As Collection(Of Type)

Property Value

A collection of known types.


This property should be used in conjunction with the DataContractSerializer. It is ignored if XmlSerializer is used. For more information about known types, see Data Contract Known Types. Known types specified in this property will be added to the KnownTypes collection of the corresponding OperationDescription for this operation.

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