ChannelFactory.ApplyConfiguration(String) Method


Initializes the channel factory with the behaviors provided by a specified configuration file and with those in the service endpoint of the channel factory.

 virtual void ApplyConfiguration(System::String ^ configurationName);
protected virtual void ApplyConfiguration (string configurationName);
abstract member ApplyConfiguration : string -> unit
override this.ApplyConfiguration : string -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub ApplyConfiguration (configurationName As String)



The name of the configuration file.


The service endpoint of the channel factory is null.


If configurationName is null, only the behaviors specified in the service endpoint are loaded. If the wildcard, "*", is used, any endpoint configuration in the client configuration file is used, but only if there is precisely one. Otherwise an exception is thrown. Any other value for the configurationName, including the empty string "", matches the endpoint configuration with the same name. See the WCF Client Configuration topic for a discussion of the client configuration.

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