Binding.Scheme Property


When implemented in a derived class, sets the URI scheme that specifies the transport used by the channel and listener factories that are built by the bindings.

 abstract property System::String ^ Scheme { System::String ^ get(); };
public abstract string Scheme { get; }
member this.Scheme : string
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property Scheme As String

Property Value

The URI scheme that is used by the channels or listeners that are created by the factories built by the current binding.


This user name for the binding is distinct from the specification of the protocol name, which is specified by the Scheme property. Each instance of a Binding has a Name and Namespace that together uniquely identify the user name for the binding in the metadata of the service. If you want to add more HTTP bindings, for example, you can name them whatever you want and set all of their schemes to "http". There is no inherent application or machine dispatch based on the Scheme. So you avoid the common problem of being unable to register additional handlers for well-known protocols. You can also easily work with multiple versions of a binding side-by-side by giving each version a different name.

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