JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty Class


Enables the use of a JavaScript callback in a service operation response using JSON Padding (JSONP).

public ref class JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty sealed
public sealed class JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty
type JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty = class
Public NotInheritable Class JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty


JSONP is a mechanism used to enable cross-site, scripting support in Web browsers.


Using cross-site scripting is inherently unsecure and its use is not generally recommended.


JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty() JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty() JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty() JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty()

Initializes a new instance of the JavascriptCallbackResponseMessageProperty class.


CallbackFunctionName CallbackFunctionName CallbackFunctionName CallbackFunctionName

Gets or sets the name of the callback function used with JSONP.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the message property name used to add a JavaScript callback message property to a service operation response using JSONP.

StatusCode StatusCode StatusCode StatusCode

Gets or sets the HTTP status code.


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