MessageVersion.None MessageVersion.None MessageVersion.None MessageVersion.None Property


Gets the message version that does not use SOAP or WS-Addressing.

 static property System::ServiceModel::Channels::MessageVersion ^ None { System::ServiceModel::Channels::MessageVersion ^ get(); };
public static System.ServiceModel.Channels.MessageVersion None { get; }
member this.None : System.ServiceModel.Channels.MessageVersion
Public Shared ReadOnly Property None As MessageVersion

Property Value

The MessageVersion that does not use SOAP or WS-Addressing.


MessageVersion msgVersion2 = MessageVersion.None;
Dim msgVersion2 As MessageVersion = MessageVersion.None


The None consists of the None and None. This provides support for using "plain old XML" (POX)-style messaging. Enabling basic POX messaging is now a matter of setting up an HTTP binding on your service with a text encoder that uses None.

Note that when a service is configured with the BasicHttpBinding and the MessageVersion is set to None, the action header in a request message is removed from the response message. This is consistent with the way ASMX services work.

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