NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings Class


Represents settings that control the behavior of the named pipe connection pool.

public ref class NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings sealed
public sealed class NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings
type NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings = class
Public NotInheritable Class NamedPipeConnectionPoolSettings


GroupName GroupName GroupName GroupName

Gets or sets the group name of the connection pool group on the client.

IdleTimeout IdleTimeout IdleTimeout IdleTimeout

Gets or sets the maximum time the connection can be idle in the connection pool before being disconnected.

MaxOutboundConnectionsPerEndpoint MaxOutboundConnectionsPerEndpoint MaxOutboundConnectionsPerEndpoint MaxOutboundConnectionsPerEndpoint

Gets or sets the maximum number of outbound connections for each endpoint that is cached in the connection pool.


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