WebBodyFormatMessageProperty WebBodyFormatMessageProperty WebBodyFormatMessageProperty WebBodyFormatMessageProperty Class


Stores and retrieves the message encoding format of incoming and outgoing messages for the composite Web message encoder.

public ref class WebBodyFormatMessageProperty sealed : System::ServiceModel::Channels::IMessageProperty
public sealed class WebBodyFormatMessageProperty : System.ServiceModel.Channels.IMessageProperty
type WebBodyFormatMessageProperty = class
    interface IMessageProperty
Public NotInheritable Class WebBodyFormatMessageProperty
Implements IMessageProperty


This property allows, for example, the composite Web message formatter to know how the composite Web message encoder has encoded the message. WebBodyFormatMessageProperty implements IMessageProperty. Objects that implement this interface are added by value to Properties with the Name providing the access key.


WebBodyFormatMessageProperty(WebContentFormat) WebBodyFormatMessageProperty(WebContentFormat) WebBodyFormatMessageProperty(WebContentFormat) WebBodyFormatMessageProperty(WebContentFormat)

Initializes a new instance of the WebBodyFormatMessageProperty class with a specified format.


Name Name Name Name

Returns the name of the property.


Format Format Format Format

Gets the format used for the message body.


CreateCopy() CreateCopy() CreateCopy() CreateCopy()

Returns the current instance of the current property.

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ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns the name of the property and the encoding format used when constructed.

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