WebContentTypeMapper WebContentTypeMapper WebContentTypeMapper WebContentTypeMapper Class


Specifies the format to which the content type of an incoming message is mapped.

public ref class WebContentTypeMapper abstract
public abstract class WebContentTypeMapper
type WebContentTypeMapper = class
Public MustInherit Class WebContentTypeMapper


This is an extensibility point in the programming model that is used by the Web message encoder to override how content types are mapped to formats. To implement this class, override the GetMessageFormatForContentType(String) method.


WebContentTypeMapper() WebContentTypeMapper() WebContentTypeMapper() WebContentTypeMapper()

Initializes a new instance of the WebContentTypeMapper class.


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GetMessageFormatForContentType(String) GetMessageFormatForContentType(String) GetMessageFormatForContentType(String) GetMessageFormatForContentType(String)

When overridden in a derived class, returns the message format used for a specified content type.

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