WebSocketMessageProperty WebSocketMessageProperty WebSocketMessageProperty WebSocketMessageProperty Class


Represents a web socket message property.

public ref class WebSocketMessageProperty sealed
public sealed class WebSocketMessageProperty
type WebSocketMessageProperty = class
Public NotInheritable Class WebSocketMessageProperty


WebSocketMessageProperty() WebSocketMessageProperty() WebSocketMessageProperty() WebSocketMessageProperty()

Initializes a new instance of the WebSocketMessageProperty class.


Name Name Name Name

Specifies the message property name.


MessageType MessageType MessageType MessageType

Gets the web socket message type.

OpeningHandshakeProperties OpeningHandshakeProperties OpeningHandshakeProperties OpeningHandshakeProperties

Gets a collection of opening handshake properties.

SubProtocol SubProtocol SubProtocol SubProtocol

Gets or sets the sub protocol message.

WebSocketContext WebSocketContext WebSocketContext WebSocketContext

Gets or sets the web socket context.


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