IBindingConfigurationElement IBindingConfigurationElement IBindingConfigurationElement IBindingConfigurationElement Interface


Provides the basic configuration settings for a binding element.

public interface class IBindingConfigurationElement
public interface IBindingConfigurationElement
type IBindingConfigurationElement = interface
Public Interface IBindingConfigurationElement


CloseTimeout CloseTimeout CloseTimeout CloseTimeout

Gets the interval of time provided for a close operation to complete.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the binding.

OpenTimeout OpenTimeout OpenTimeout OpenTimeout

Gets the interval of time provided for an open operation to complete.

ReceiveTimeout ReceiveTimeout ReceiveTimeout ReceiveTimeout

Gets the interval of time provided for a receive operation to complete.

SendTimeout SendTimeout SendTimeout SendTimeout

Gets the interval of time provided for a send operation to complete.


ApplyConfiguration(Binding) ApplyConfiguration(Binding) ApplyConfiguration(Binding) ApplyConfiguration(Binding)

Applies the content of the specified binding to this binding configuration section.

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