ClientCredentials.IssuedToken Property


Use this property to specify the endpoint address and binding to use when contacting your local Security Token Service. This information is used when a service requires authentication using an issued token, but the policy of the service (represented as a binding on the client) does not explicitly specify how and where to obtain the issued token.

 property System::ServiceModel::Security::IssuedTokenClientCredential ^ IssuedToken { System::ServiceModel::Security::IssuedTokenClientCredential ^ get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.Security.IssuedTokenClientCredential IssuedToken { get; }
member this.IssuedToken : System.ServiceModel.Security.IssuedTokenClientCredential
Public ReadOnly Property IssuedToken As IssuedTokenClientCredential

Property Value

An IssuedTokenClientCredential that specifies parameters to be used to obtain a token from a local Security Token Service.


The following code shows how to get an instance of IssuedTokenClientCredential by means of this property.

IssuedTokenClientCredential itcc = client.ClientCredentials.IssuedToken;
Dim itcc As IssuedTokenClientCredential = client.ClientCredentials.IssuedToken


You can use the object returned by this property to configure the settings of the local Security Token Service by calling its members.

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