ClientCredentials.Peer ClientCredentials.Peer ClientCredentials.Peer ClientCredentials.Peer Property


Controls the credentials that a peer node uses to authenticate itself to other nodes in the mesh, as well as authentication settings that a peer node uses to authenticate other peer nodes.

 property System::ServiceModel::Security::PeerCredential ^ Peer { System::ServiceModel::Security::PeerCredential ^ get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.Security.PeerCredential Peer { get; }
member this.Peer : System.ServiceModel.Security.PeerCredential
Public ReadOnly Property Peer As PeerCredential

Property Value

A PeerCredential that represents the current peer credential.


The following code shows how to access this property.

public void snippet26(CalculatorClient client)
    PeerCredential peercred = client.ClientCredentials.Peer;


You can use the object returned by this property to configure the credential by calling its members, such as Certificate, MeshPassword, MessageSenderAuthentication, and PeerAuthentication.

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