MessageBodyDescription MessageBodyDescription MessageBodyDescription MessageBodyDescription Class


Represents the body of a SOAP message.

public ref class MessageBodyDescription
public class MessageBodyDescription
type MessageBodyDescription = class
Public Class MessageBodyDescription


Use the MessageBodyDescription class to construct or modify a SOAP message body when added to the description tree.


MessageBodyDescription() MessageBodyDescription() MessageBodyDescription() MessageBodyDescription()

Initializes a new instance of the MessageBodyDescription class.


Parts Parts Parts Parts

Gets the parts for the body of the SOAP message.

ReturnValue ReturnValue ReturnValue ReturnValue

Gets or sets the portion of the SOAP message that contains the return value.

WrapperName WrapperName WrapperName WrapperName

Gets or sets the name of the wrapper element inside the SOAP body element if there is one.

WrapperNamespace WrapperNamespace WrapperNamespace WrapperNamespace

Gets or sets the namespace of the wrapper element in the SOAP body if there is one.


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