EndpointNameMessageFilter EndpointNameMessageFilter EndpointNameMessageFilter EndpointNameMessageFilter Class


Represents a query that tests whether a message was received on an endpoint with a name that matches the specified name.

public ref class EndpointNameMessageFilter : System::ServiceModel::Dispatcher::MessageFilter
public class EndpointNameMessageFilter : System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.MessageFilter
type EndpointNameMessageFilter = class
    inherit MessageFilter
Public Class EndpointNameMessageFilter
Inherits MessageFilter


EndpointNameMessageFilter(String) EndpointNameMessageFilter(String) EndpointNameMessageFilter(String) EndpointNameMessageFilter(String)

Initializes a new instance of the EndpointNameMessageFilter class with a specified name against which to test a message.


CreateFilterTable<FilterData>() CreateFilterTable<FilterData>() CreateFilterTable<FilterData>() CreateFilterTable<FilterData>()

Creates a filter table for a filter that has a specified type of data associated with it.

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GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

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Match(Message) Match(Message) Match(Message) Match(Message)

Tests whether a message satisfies the specified endpoint name.

Match(MessageBuffer) Match(MessageBuffer) Match(MessageBuffer) Match(MessageBuffer)

Tests whether a buffered message satisfies the specified endpoint name.

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