FaultContractAttribute.DetailType FaultContractAttribute.DetailType FaultContractAttribute.DetailType FaultContractAttribute.DetailType Property


Gets the type of a serializable object that contains error information.

 property Type ^ DetailType { Type ^ get(); };
public Type DetailType { get; }
member this.DetailType : Type
Public ReadOnly Property DetailType As Type

Property Value

The type that represents the serializable error class.


The following code example shows the use of FaultContractAttribute to specify that the SampleMethod operation can return a SOAP fault with the detail type of GreetingFault.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Net.Security;
using System.Runtime.Serialization;
using System.ServiceModel;
using System.Text;

namespace Microsoft.WCF.Documentation
  public interface ISampleService{
    string SampleMethod(string msg);
  public class GreetingFault
    private string report;

    public GreetingFault(string message)
      this.report = message;

    public string Message
      get { return this.report; }
      set { this.report = value; }

  class SampleService : ISampleService
  #region ISampleService Members

  public string  SampleMethod(string msg)
    Console.WriteLine("Client said: " + msg);
    // Generate intermittent error behavior.
    Random rnd = new Random(DateTime.Now.Millisecond);
    int test = rnd.Next(5);
    if (test % 2 != 0)
      return "The service greets you: " + msg; 
      throw new FaultException<GreetingFault>(new GreetingFault("A Greeting error occurred. You said: " + msg));


Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.Net.Security
Imports System.Runtime.Serialization
Imports System.ServiceModel
Imports System.Text

Namespace Microsoft.WCF.Documentation
  <ServiceContract(Namespace:="http://microsoft.wcf.documentation")> _
  Public Interface ISampleService
	<OperationContract, FaultContractAttribute(GetType(GreetingFault), Action:="http://www.contoso.com/GreetingFault", ProtectionLevel:=ProtectionLevel.EncryptAndSign)> _
	Function SampleMethod(ByVal msg As String) As String
  End Interface

  <DataContractAttribute> _
  Public Class GreetingFault
	Private report As String

	Public Sub New(ByVal message As String)
	  Me.report = message
	End Sub

	<DataMemberAttribute> _
	Public Property Message() As String
		  Return Me.report
	  End Get
	  Set(ByVal value As String)
		  Me.report = value
	  End Set
	End Property
  End Class

  Friend Class SampleService
	  Implements ISampleService
  #Region "ISampleService Members"

  Public Function SampleMethod(ByVal msg As String) As String Implements ISampleService.SampleMethod
	Console.WriteLine("Client said: " & msg)
	' Generate intermittent error behavior.
	Dim rand As New Random(DateTime.Now.Millisecond)
	Dim test As Integer = rand.Next(5)
	If test Mod 2 <> 0 Then
	  Return "The service greets you: " & msg
	  Throw New FaultException(Of GreetingFault)(New GreetingFault("A Greeting error occurred. You said: " & msg))
	End If
  End Function

  #End Region
  End Class
End Namespace

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