IClientChannel.DidInteractiveInitialization Property


Gets a value indicating whether a call was done to a user interface to obtain credential information.

 property bool DidInteractiveInitialization { bool get(); };
public bool DidInteractiveInitialization { get; }
member this.DidInteractiveInitialization : bool
Public ReadOnly Property DidInteractiveInitialization As Boolean

Property Value


true if the DisplayInitializationUI() method was called (or the BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback, Object) and EndDisplayInitializationUI(IAsyncResult) methods; otherwise, false.


If operations are called on an IClientChannel without calling DisplayInitializationUI and ICommunicationObject.Open, these methods are called automatically. For details, see Accessing Services Using a WCF Client and System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.IInteractiveChannelInitializer.

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