MsmqMessageSerializationFormat MsmqMessageSerializationFormat MsmqMessageSerializationFormat MsmqMessageSerializationFormat Enum


Indicates the formatter that is used to serialize objects that are sent as the body of an MSMQ message.

public enum class MsmqMessageSerializationFormat
public enum MsmqMessageSerializationFormat
type MsmqMessageSerializationFormat = 
Public Enum MsmqMessageSerializationFormat


ActiveX ActiveX ActiveX ActiveX 2

The ActiveX formatter is used to serialize the object.

Binary Binary Binary Binary 1

The BinaryFormatter is used to serialize the object.

ByteArray ByteArray ByteArray ByteArray 3

Serializes the object to an array of bytes.

Stream Stream Stream Stream 4

Serializes the object to a stream.

Xml Xml Xml Xml 0

XmlSerializer is used to serialize the object.


The default value is Xml.

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