NetTcpBinding.IBindingRuntimePreferences.ReceiveSynchronously Property


Gets a value that indicates whether incoming requests are handled synchronously or asynchronously.

property bool System::ServiceModel::Channels::IBindingRuntimePreferences::ReceiveSynchronously { bool get(); };
bool System.ServiceModel.Channels.IBindingRuntimePreferences.ReceiveSynchronously { get; }
 ReadOnly Property ReceiveSynchronously As Boolean Implements IBindingRuntimePreferences.ReceiveSynchronously

Property Value

true if incoming requests are handled synchronously; false if incoming requests are handled asynchronously. The default value is false.



This example shows how to get the TransferMode value.

    // P:System.ServiceModel.NetTcpBinding.System.ServiceModel.Channels.
// IBindingRuntimePreferences.ReceiveSynchronously
// Private, no example needed


This run-time behavior for receiving messages in either a service or client application can be changed using <synchronousReceive>.

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