NetTcpSecurity.Mode NetTcpSecurity.Mode NetTcpSecurity.Mode NetTcpSecurity.Mode Property


Gets or sets whether message-level security and transport-level security are used by an endpoint configured with a NetTcpBinding.

 property System::ServiceModel::SecurityMode Mode { System::ServiceModel::SecurityMode get(); void set(System::ServiceModel::SecurityMode value); };
public System.ServiceModel.SecurityMode Mode { get; set; }
member this.Mode : System.ServiceModel.SecurityMode with get, set
Public Property Mode As SecurityMode

Property Value

A value of the SecurityMode that indicates whether message-level security or transport-level security is used by an endpoint. The default value is Transport.



NetTcpSecurity security = binding.Security;
Console.WriteLine("\tSecurity Mode: {0}", security.Mode);


The security mode determines the type of security required by an endpoint. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security offers a variety of mechanisms with which to secure the transfer of messages that are configured with the system-provided bindings. Each of the bindings supports a subset of these security modes. The mode determines the mechanisms by which message transfer security functions (integrity, confidentiality and authentication) are required.

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