NetTcpSecurity.Transport NetTcpSecurity.Transport NetTcpSecurity.Transport NetTcpSecurity.Transport Property


Gets the type of message-level security requirements for an endpoint configured with a NetTcpBinding.

 property System::ServiceModel::TcpTransportSecurity ^ Transport { System::ServiceModel::TcpTransportSecurity ^ get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.TcpTransportSecurity Transport { get; }
member this.Transport : System.ServiceModel.TcpTransportSecurity
Public ReadOnly Property Transport As TcpTransportSecurity

Property Value

The TcpTransportSecurity that indicates the type of transport-level security requirements for an endpoint.


TcpTransportSecurity tsTcp = security.Transport;
Console.WriteLine("\t\tClient Credential Type: {0}", tsTcp.ClientCredentialType);
Console.WriteLine("\t\tProtectionLevel: {0}", tsTcp.ProtectionLevel);


Use Transport security for integrity and confidentiality of the SOAP message and for mutual authentication. If this security mode is selected on a binding, the channel stack is configured using a secure transport and the SOAP messages are secured using transport security such as HTTPS or SSL over TCP.

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