QueueTransferProtocol Enum


Indicates the protocol to be used in transferring messages between queue managers.

public enum class QueueTransferProtocol
public enum QueueTransferProtocol
type QueueTransferProtocol = 
Public Enum QueueTransferProtocol


Native 0

Use the native MSMQ protocol.

Srmp 1

Use the Soap Reliable Messaging Protocol (SRMP).

SrmpSecure 2

Use the Soap Reliable Messaging Protocol Secure (SRMPS) transport.


Specifying Srmp or SrmpSecure when the UseActiveDirectory attribute is set to true will cause an exception because Message Queuing (MSMQ) does not provide for Active Directory addressing when using SRMP. UseActiveDirectory is an attribute on the <netMsmqBinding> and the <msmqIntegrationBinding>.

For more information about addressing queues, see Service Endpoints and Queue Addressing.

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