SecurityMessageProperty SecurityMessageProperty SecurityMessageProperty SecurityMessageProperty Class


Contains security-related properties and is attached to a message.

public ref class SecurityMessageProperty : IDisposable, System::ServiceModel::Channels::IMessageProperty
public class SecurityMessageProperty : IDisposable, System.ServiceModel.Channels.IMessageProperty
type SecurityMessageProperty = class
    interface IMessageProperty
    interface IDisposable
Public Class SecurityMessageProperty
Implements IDisposable, IMessageProperty


Client authentication results are translated into an instance of ServiceSecurityContext, which is attached to the message using a SecurityMessageProperty. This property can be used by higher layers to implement custom authorization logic.


SecurityMessageProperty() SecurityMessageProperty() SecurityMessageProperty() SecurityMessageProperty()

Initializes a new instance of the SecurityMessageProperty class.


ExternalAuthorizationPolicies ExternalAuthorizationPolicies ExternalAuthorizationPolicies ExternalAuthorizationPolicies

Gets or sets a collection of external authorization policies.

HasIncomingSupportingTokens HasIncomingSupportingTokens HasIncomingSupportingTokens HasIncomingSupportingTokens

Indicates whether the incoming message contains at least one supporting security token.

IncomingSupportingTokens IncomingSupportingTokens IncomingSupportingTokens IncomingSupportingTokens

Gets or sets a collection of incoming supporting tokens.

InitiatorToken InitiatorToken InitiatorToken InitiatorToken

Gets or sets the SecurityTokenSpecification initiator token for this message.

OutgoingSupportingTokens OutgoingSupportingTokens OutgoingSupportingTokens OutgoingSupportingTokens

Gets a collection of outgoing SupportingTokenSpecification objects.

ProtectionToken ProtectionToken ProtectionToken ProtectionToken

Gets or sets the SecurityTokenSpecification protection token for this message.

RecipientToken RecipientToken RecipientToken RecipientToken

Gets or sets the SecurityTokenSpecification recipient token for this message.

SenderIdPrefix SenderIdPrefix SenderIdPrefix SenderIdPrefix

Gets or sets the sender ID prefix for this message.

ServiceSecurityContext ServiceSecurityContext ServiceSecurityContext ServiceSecurityContext

Gets or sets the ServiceSecurityContext for this message.

TransportToken TransportToken TransportToken TransportToken

Gets or sets the SecurityTokenSpecification transport token for this message.


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GetOrCreate(Message) GetOrCreate(Message) GetOrCreate(Message) GetOrCreate(Message)

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