SecurityTokenAttachmentMode SecurityTokenAttachmentMode SecurityTokenAttachmentMode SecurityTokenAttachmentMode Enum


An enumeration that lists the ways in which security tokens are attached.

public enum class SecurityTokenAttachmentMode
public enum SecurityTokenAttachmentMode
type SecurityTokenAttachmentMode = 
Public Enum SecurityTokenAttachmentMode


Endorsing Endorsing Endorsing Endorsing 1

The token is used to sign the message signature.

Signed Signed Signed Signed 0

The token is included in the message signature.

SignedEncrypted SignedEncrypted SignedEncrypted SignedEncrypted 3

The token is included in the message signature and is encrypted.

SignedEndorsing SignedEndorsing SignedEndorsing SignedEndorsing 2

The token is included in and signs the message signature.


This enumeration specifies the signing and encrypting relationships between a message and its signature.

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