ServiceHostingEnvironment ServiceHostingEnvironment ServiceHostingEnvironment ServiceHostingEnvironment Class


Provides information about the current hosting environment in which Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services are running.

public ref class ServiceHostingEnvironment abstract sealed
public static class ServiceHostingEnvironment
type ServiceHostingEnvironment = class
Public Class ServiceHostingEnvironment


This class exposes AppDomain-wide settings not specifically associated with an individual service. This class can only be applied at the application or machine configuration level.


AspNetCompatibilityEnabled AspNetCompatibilityEnabled AspNetCompatibilityEnabled AspNetCompatibilityEnabled

Gets a value that indicates whether this service is running in the context of the ASP.NET HTTP application pipeline.

MultipleSiteBindingsEnabled MultipleSiteBindingsEnabled MultipleSiteBindingsEnabled MultipleSiteBindingsEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether multiple site bindings are allowed for the service host.


EnsureInitialized() EnsureInitialized() EnsureInitialized() EnsureInitialized()

Initializes the service if it has not already been initialized.

EnsureServiceAvailable(String) EnsureServiceAvailable(String) EnsureServiceAvailable(String) EnsureServiceAvailable(String)

Ensures that a service is activated at the provided virtual path.

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