GrammarBuilder.DebugShowPhrases Property


Gets a string that shows the contents and structure of the grammar contained by the GrammarBuilder.

 property System::String ^ DebugShowPhrases { System::String ^ get(); };
public string DebugShowPhrases { get; }
member this.DebugShowPhrases : string
Public ReadOnly Property DebugShowPhrases As String

Property Value


The current content and structure of the GrammarBuilder.


The following example creates a speech recognition grammar for ordering a pizza with up to four toppings. It writes the status of the GrammarBuilder to the console before creating the grammar. This method generates the following output:

  • GrammarBuilder status: I would like a [cheese,mushroom,tomato,onion,anchovy,chic ken,pepperoni] and [cheese,mushroom,tomato,onion,anchovy,chicken,pepperoni] pizza
private static Grammar CreatePizzaGrammar()  

  // Create a Choices object with alternatives for toppings.  
  Choices toppings = new Choices(new string[] {  
    "cheese", "mushroom", "tomato", "onion",  
    "anchovy", "chicken", "pepperoni"});  

  // Create a GrammarBuilder and append the Choices object.  
  GrammarBuilder andToppings = new GrammarBuilder("and", 0, 1);  

  // Construct the phrase.  
  GrammarBuilder gb = new GrammarBuilder("I would like a", 0, 1);  
  gb.Append(new GrammarBuilder(andToppings, 0, 3));  

  // Write the contents and structure of the GrammarBuilder to the console.  
  Console.WriteLine("Grammar content and structure: {0}", gb.DebugShowPhrases);  

  // Create the Grammar from the GrammarBuilder.  
  Grammar grammar = new Grammar(gb);  
  grammar.Name = "Pizza Order";  

  return grammar;  

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