EmphasisBreak EmphasisBreak EmphasisBreak EmphasisBreak Enum


Enumerates values for lengths of EmphasisBreak between spoken words.

public enum class EmphasisBreak
public enum EmphasisBreak
type EmphasisBreak = 
Public Enum EmphasisBreak


Default Default Default Default -7

Normal word break.

ExtraStrong ExtraStrong ExtraStrong ExtraStrong -6

Longest word break.

ExtraWeak ExtraWeak ExtraWeak ExtraWeak -2

Very small word break.

Medium Medium Medium Medium -4

Moderate word break.

None None None None -1

No word break.

Strong Strong Strong Strong -5

Long word break.

Weak Weak Weak Weak -3

Small word break.


The break emphasis is set for TextFragment instances through the Emphasis property on the FragmentState object returned by the State property on an instance of TextFragment.

Each synthetic speech engine is free to determine how to render breaks between words; the nature of emphasis differs between languages, dialects, genders, or voices.

Both EmphasisBreak and EmphasisWord may be used when setting or getting the Emphasis on a FragmentState instance.

The two values may be distinguished by the fact that the actual values of EmphasisBreak are all less than zero and values of EmphasisWord are greater than or equal to zero; and by using the value of TtsEngineAction returned by the Action property on the FragmentState object returned by the State property on an instance. From more information, see Action,and Emphasis.

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