ProsodyRange ProsodyRange ProsodyRange ProsodyRange Enum


Enumerates values for the Range property of a Prosody object.

public enum class ProsodyRange
public enum ProsodyRange
type ProsodyRange = 
Public Enum ProsodyRange


Default Default Default Default 0

Indicates a normal prosody range.

ExtraHigh ExtraHigh ExtraHigh ExtraHigh 5

Indicates an extra high prosody range.

ExtraLow ExtraLow ExtraLow ExtraLow 1

Indicates an extra low prosody range.

High High High High 4

Indicates a high prosody range.

Low Low Low Low 2

Indicates a low prosody range.

Medium Medium Medium Medium 3

Indicates a medium prosody range.


ProsodyRange is the difference between the lowest and highest values of pitch. A voice using a low ProsodyRange value will sound monotone. A voice using a high ProsodyRange value will vary between high and low levels of pitch.

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